Essential Guidance to Maximize
the Benefts of our Empowered Products
Expanding Intimate Wellness with Your Sutra-CBD
— Interaction 1 of 7: Empowering Aroma
Q: What is CBD and why should I use it?
A: Cannabidiol–CBD–is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned.” The fact that CBD-rich cannabis is non-psychoactive or less psychoactive than THC-dominant strains makes it an appealing option for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures, spasms and other conditions without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria.
Q: How does the Empowering Aroma of Cannabidiol Sutra-CBD Expand Your Immediate Wellness?
A: Your sense of smell can deliver CBD benefits directly across your blood brain barrier.
Sutra My thanks go to all of you for embracing our Sutra-CBD, water-based intimate gel, with the profound wellness benefits of Cannabidiol combined with our pure food-based ingredients. Although there are many types of CBD-rich therapeutic rubs to consider, our Sutra-CBD is among the elite few that can be used safely for intercourse, toys, and masturbation. Yet, this naturally derived formula can also provide comfort as a topical application during menopause, menstruation, inflammation and general soreness. In addition to the physical benefits, CBD can is also be an excellent mood-elevator.
Today, we begin with the aroma of our CBD oil in Sutra-CBD as the starting point of your Beneficial Events. Please place your bottle of Sutra-CBD in front of you and review the Key Terms that we will be experiencing.
Key Terms
Cannabidiol (CBD):
Non-psychoactive component of cannabis-plant therapy.
A compound that keeps the Mind-Body system in homeostasis (balance).
The scents in essential oils for calming the mind and activating the body.
Sequence of Beneficial Events
Our path of wellness begins with gently swirling your bottle of Sutra-CBD and then opening it. With the formula well mixed, take in the aroma with a deep, conscious inhale. Then observe the reactions throughout your Mind-Body. Our CBD has a strong grassy/woodsy aroma that makes you feel comfortably grounded with waves of relaxation in your muscles. Your salivary glands will also activate. These are 2 important points to keep in mind regarding the value of our strong CBD aroma:
1.  The aroma resonates our therapeutic concentration of 100 mg of CBD per 2.8 oz at 14% by volume
2. The aroma steadily dissipates upon application as the CBD benefits move from olfactory to topical absorption
Regardless of your preferred application – as an intimate gel or as a therapeutic rub – this first aroma-related benefit of Sutra-CBD is the same. Like the benefits of any other essential oil, CBD is used for pain-management, anti-inflammation, and mood elevation initially through your sense of smell and moving through your olfactory system without the psychoactive fog from the THC portion of the cannabis plant.
Cannabidiol (CBD) delivers its therapeutic bliss because it is an Adaptogen that has expansive receptors throughout your being to create balanced energy and relaxed calm in both mind and body. The vehicles that actually deliver the CBD are called Terpenes – the scents of an essential oil that delivers its distinct benefit to the hypothalamus then beyond the blood brain barrier – like a key opening the gate to your internal wellness systems.
Interactive Benefits
The most important benefit of your Sutra-CBD is the expanded wellness that you feel. Our primary intention with this product is to provide a natural food-based formula that harmonizes your body with CBD to make intercourse physically comfortable with mood elevation to expand happiness in your intimacy. Please use the link below to tell us about your experience with Sutra-CBD so we can continue to evolve our empowering products. As a gift of gratitude, please go to to register for our free-bottle contest and to receive the gift of substantial savings.In our next Interaction, 2 of 7, we will examine the beneficial bioavailability of our topically-applied CBD as we continue to cover all 5 of our physical senses in relation to Cannabidiol therapies in harmony with our practice of Ayurveda Wellness.