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Expanding Intimate Wellness with Your Sutra-CBD
— Interaction 3 of 7: Empowering Taste
Q: How does the natural-coloration of our Sutra-CBD ensure that you’re fully enjoying the expanding benefits of Cannabidiol?
A: CBD comes from nature as the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant. We choose not to process out its naturally derived benefits. Hence, our formulas will have a slight copper tint ensuring that the CBD you pay for is all there.
Q: Why is it important for you to be able to SAFELY taste your Sutra-CBD lubricant as part of your overall Cannabidiol-Wellness therapy?
A: Regardless of “external use only” advisories, any formulation of any sort that you place onto your skin, or insert into your body, is being ingested internally. To that end, we use food-based ingredients for your safe ingestion…so no need to shy away from enjoying the therapeutic taste of our Sutra-CBD.

In this interactive series of Expanding Intimate Wellness with Your Sutra-CBD, your ongoing and wonderful feedback reveals that Sutra-CBD has been expanding intimacy with both ourselves personally and with a partner. As both a self-applied Aroma-Touch therapy and as a intimate (interactive) gel, our unique Cannabidiol-rich food-based formula enhances our practice of personal wellness and ensures comfort and proper pH balance during intercourse – at any age.

Our two previous interactive steps embraced the strong natural aroma and the message of enhanced wellness in our ingredient deck for empowerment by your senses of smell and vision. Today, we are going to use our sense of taste to experience the benefits of our natural Cannabidiol flavor and the safety of our our food-based formula.

Key Terms

These are color-providing pigments of plant extracts that also contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Super-Critical CO2 Extraction Method

Using the same gas that our bodies produce when breathing, this non-toxic extraction method for essential oils is free of residual solvents ingested.

Sequence of Beneficial Events

Please begin by observing your Sutra-CBD formula through the clear bottom of the bottle. You’ll first notice the lot number and expiration date which is an important quality-assurance reference as you prepare to safely taste our food-based formula. While holding the bottle up to the light, you’ll see the copper and amber tints unevenly distributed throughout the formula.

With just a few shakes, the natural components of our formula become evenly mixed. Next, squeeze out a few drops on the back of your hand to safely taste the grassiness of our naturally occuring CBD within the safe earthiness of the supporting food-based ingredients.

1. Beneficial formulas, assembled with natural ingredients as they appear in nature, will require pre-use mixing and an expiration date unlike artificial and over-processed alternatives
2. Nature’s therapeutic gifts, such as anti-inflammation and mood-elevation of CBD, can be delivered through all the senses, therefore, you want the supporting formulas to be safe for ingestion.


Observing what we allow to pass through our mind-body senses, then ensuring that we only allow beneficial elements to enter our beings, is the foundation to our Wellness Expanding Toolkits. Your awareness of all that you bring into your person to be good is a powerful tool to resonate wonderful feelings to the world around you. Cannabidiol and all of our select essential oils and extracts are gifts from nature that empower this exchange of enrichment.

Today, we took another close look at our Sutra-CBD to check the naturally occurring Flavonoids that give our food-based formula copper and amber tints just as they are when the Cannabidiol is directly extracted from the plant. And because we choose to use the non-toxic Super-Critical CO2 Extraction Method, our formula retains its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and, especially, its grassy, earthiness as a beneficial taste-therapy.

Interactive Benefits

As a Gift of Gratitude to all my fellow Wellness Practitioners, I invite you to join our ever-expanding and interactive Ayurveda practice group. This empowered wellness wisdom is the inspiration for Empowered-ME and Aroma-Touch Therapy formulas and the Essential Guidance that we offer to maximize the benefits of our Empowered Products. You can join us anytime at

In our next Interaction 4 of 7, we will embrace the Empowering Touch of Sutra-CBD with the actual experience of Abhyanga, which is Sanskrit for Therapeutic Self-Massage. By learning to liberate the beneficial peptides and dopamines within your own skin, you will be expanding your practice of Ayurveda (Ayur = Life & Veda = Science / Knowledge).


Scott Simon Fraser,
Founder – Empowered Products, Inc.
Practitioner – Ayurveda Mind-Body Wellness